Born in Dublin, Ireland. Lives and works in Charente, France.


My work is raw, immediate and provocative. I create video environments that tell stories which carry powerful personal meaning. These immersive spaces are contemplative and allow the viewer to engage corporally as they walk around sculptures and through reflected video light. I have found the immersive nature of these environments the best way to harness the emotional duality at the core of my work. I am fascinated by certain unanswered questions and the two-sidedness of things. Can objects speak? and if so what do they say? What does a stone or a door or velvet say? Does the skin of the film speak? My work grapples with questions and contradictions.


I orchestrate spaces that hold fear, shame, violence, abuse and secrecy. Yet at the same time I fashion surfaces sewn with sensual desire, with stitches of reparation and with threads of understanding. I am driven to make visible these poetic, yet uncomfortable states through an atmosphere that attracts, repels and resonates. To make these environments I choose dark womb like spaces. I use luxurious feathers, silks and velvets to cover old personal objects and mannequin parts. I sew together animal organs and skins. I collaborate with performance artists who cover themselves in caul fat to create emotional portraits. I make films and create sounds to give voice and mood so that a whole environment can speak.


My work is layered. I am drawn to and research texts which are akin to my own personal story. Searching to find other windows like my own. Through these tentative links the process evolves. For example the tale of Mamnon, the ancient Egyptian colossus stone that spoke, was the starting point for my video environment Les Pierres Parlantes The Roman tale of Lucretia by Livy was inspiration for my triptych film of the same name. The myth of the weeping woman was the starting point for my video environment Llorona. Through anguish and euphoria these sculptures and films emerge to create their own worlds, places outside reality...but perhaps, as Ladislav Major says these worlds ‘present a truer picture of reality itself, reality as apprehended by an individual”.41 Ladislav Major, Mysleni o divadle, vol. 1 (Praha [Prague]: Herrmann, 1993) 161.



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